Make The Custom Burger Boxes Super Thrilling And Tempting

Make The Custom Burger Boxes Super Thrilling And Tempting

Yummy, saucy and cheesy burgers are heaven. Get your hands on custom burger boxes and take the food lovers on a roller coaster ride. It is the best way to keep the burgers super fresh and hot. None can do without branded boxes, whether McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's.

Our burger boxes wholesale offers incredible benefits to the fat brands.

  • It offers enough room for customization details
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Flexible, lightweight, and shipped flat
  • Easy to assemble and doesn't require tape or glue
  • Designed from sustainable material
  • Occupies least storage space
  • Low shipment fare

Hence irresistible boxes drive the customers insane. And they are ready to shower their bucks on burger boxes. After all, it is hard to refuse an incredible combo of taste and creativity.

How Does Packaging Detail On Customized Burger Boxes Turns The Head Of The Customers?

It is hard to come across a blank burger box. Burger boxes with logo are everywhere, literally everywhere. If you walk into a burger shop or a street restaurant, you will see burgers. But where is the burger placed? Yes, it is in the box.

If you want to make your food brand, a blockbuster hit so, keep tabs on the following.

  • Print juicy and hot images of the burgers
  • Go for black, yellow, and orange-colored boxes
  • Incorporate the catchy burger slogan
  • Mention the name and flavor of the burgers

Lastly, add the warning and safety food labels on the customized burger boxes.

What Makes The Custom Burger Packaging The Cult Favorite Of The Leading Brands And Customers?

Foodies are die-hard fans of delicious burgers. And they always look forward to burger boxes. Apart from being visually attractive, it is a perfect traveling partner. Are you starving at school, the airport, or at work? Well, all you need is a burger perfectly wrapped in customized packaging. The right size packaging makes it easy to snug in the handbag and luggage carriers. But do the drenched and oily boxes give shivers down your spine?

iCustomBoxes is well known for its professional packaging services. Our creative geniuses are inflexible when it comes to quality, no matter what box style, size, design, or color. You will never encounter shoddy or misprinted boxes. And it is impossible for the burger sauces to drip or spill. Wondering how? Let us discuss it in the coming part.

Why Are Customized Lamination And Finishing Details Crucial For Crafting A Perfect Food Box?

Imagine a scenario. You have ordered the beef deluxe and are impatiently looking at the clock. Finally! Your order is here. Yeah, are you excited? But guess what happens next? The moment you touch the custom printed burger box, it's a disaster. It is loaded with oil, stains, and fingerprints. And now it's puking time.

Even though the burger is yummy, poor presentation ruins the customers unboxing venture. They feel super pissed off and feel like screaming at the top of their lungs. Moreover, a few minutes later, the entire box collapses. Hence when all the blunders pile up together, it creates havoc. And at this point, customized lamination is no more a choice, but a must-have.

If you want to save your sales, reputation, and customers, look at the following surface coatings.

Aqueous Coating

Presentation matters a lot in the food business. And dirty, scratched surfaces are a significant turn-off for the customers. Therefore aqueous coating does wonder, and it fully covers the box. And it makes the box 100% secure, sturdy and reliable. Sounds cool!

Spot UV

Suppose you want to add extra depth and shine to custom printed burger boxes, so Spot UV is cool. You are free to utilize this technique for the logo, image, or slogan. We give a blank check to our clients to choose what they like

Gloss Lamination

Burger boxes with logo are a bombshell marketing tool. But if the box surface is coarse and uneven, it spoils the brand's reputation in the long run. Good news! Gloss lamination is the best. It adds shimmer to the surface and gives a posh look to the packaging.

Matte Lamination

Make your font readable with matte lamination. If you love the boxes' natural and organic vibes, this is the best shot. It turns the box surface smooth and velvety.

In the end, surface coatings are a must in the food boxes. It adds tensile strength and also sucks the extra moisture from the burgers. iCustomboxes offers a wide range of options for customized packages.

What Are The Plus Points Of Ordering Burger Boxes At Wholesale Rates?

Are you on a shoestring? Our burger boxes wholesale are up for grabs. We always support cost-effective packaging solutions. If your food business is on the rocks, iCustomBoxes is your rock! And we mean it. Challenging times demand smart and instant remedies. Ordering bulk burger boxes will reap endless benefits in the coming times. Firstly it encourages sustainable management. When brands opt for maximum order, they get top-notch quality at a reduced rate. Plus, we also offer special deals and discounts on big orders. Next, it significantly cuts down transportation costs, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Since burgers are always in demand, custom burger boxes are an absolute necessity. The truth is that food brands work non-stop, and there is no room for delay. If the brands run short of burger boxes, it's a billion-dollar loss. That sums up quite well the need for wholesale packaging.

Jump on the bandwagon with iCustomBoxes and explore the tasteful packaging at the best price!