Make your Snack Brand Popular with Custom Popcorn Boxes

Make your Snack Brand Popular with Custom Popcorn Boxes

Do you want to design attractive Custom Popcorn Packaging? Welcome to iCustomBoxes!

After thorough research and brainstorming, our experts have rounded up amazing packaging ideas. Therefore stick around and go through the following points.

Colorful Custom Popcorn Boxes

Popcorns are everyone’s hot favourite snack item. And they are available in butter, peanut, and caramel flavour. So for differentiation, the custom popcorn boxes are a must-have.

You can pack the popcorn in fully sealed, reverse tuck ends or boxes with windows. It prevents the popcorn from getting stale or soggy. In other words, durable packaging maintains its crunch and crispiness. Further, you can print eye-catching images and use bold colors to attract the kids. Red, blue, and yellow is the most commonly used colors.

Popcorn Packaging with Handle

You can pick any box style and make it extra secure with handles. It is attached at the top and makes the boxes easy to use. The handles can be designed in cardboard or kraft stock. Plus, you can customize them in your preferred color, size, and design. Boxes with handles are quite popular and improve the buyer’s unboxing experience.

Custom Printed Packaging

You must have observed the “Bingo” cups if you are a movie lover. They are available in different colors, designs, and shapes. The unique style makes it easy to scoop and fill the box with popcorn. However, in the movie theatre, many food brands are out there, and people prefer to buy snacks from their favourite ones. Thus popcorn boxes with logos are very important. It sets apart your snack brand and makes it easy for customers to spot it.

So you can print different designs, images, slogans, or artwork and highlight them with hot foil stamping. It adds glitter and shine to the targeted area. As a result, it makes your scoops stand out.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard stock is a popular packaging stock. And it is used in food, cosmetic, electronic, and apparel packaging. It offers amazing benefits to the brands and the customers. For example, it is 100% recyclable, and thus it requires no extensive decomposition process. As a matter of fact, it degrades naturally and reduces the carbon footprint. And it is free of harmful toxins, so it’s both planet and user-friendly. 

Moreover, cardboard boxes offer unlimited customization options. Thus you can order them in any color, size, or print.

Customized Popcorn Bags

It is time to make your movie night and birthday party memorable with our themed boxes. You can print movie images or dialogue to grab the customer’s attention. And for birthdays, you can print personalized messages, wishes, or images.

Moreover, you can order custom food packaging in kraft or cardboard stock. And you can improve the box strength with surface laminates. For example, the spot UV is applied to a specific region, whereas the aqueous coating is used over the entire box.

However, you can opt for gloss lamination for extra shine and reflection. But if you want a more tone-down and subtle look, we have matte lamination. In a nutshell, the custom surface laminates give the boxes a rich and finished look. And it protects the surface from moisture and wear and tear. In other words, it extends the shelf life of the boxes.

Accurate Size Boxes

Poor waste management has led to global packaging waste. Thus it is high time to change the practice and manufacture the right size packaging.

At iCustomBoxes, we have efficient die-cutting machinery that cuts the boxes in the exact size. As a result, it saves potential resources and promotes smart packaging. Apart from perfect-size boxes, we encourage using premium stock, i.e., kraft and cardboard. Hence eco-friendly popcorn boxes are a complete win. It saves the planet from potential harm and elevates the unboxing experience.

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Why choose iCustomBoxes?

Whether it’s an online or a physical store, they can’t do without customized packaging. It is an integral part of a brand’s marketing and decides its fate. Hence these days, small to large-scale food brands prefer custom popcorn boxes. But are you worried about the budget? Good News! Our customer-centric policies let you choose the best option.

For example, you can order hundreds or thousands of boxes; no restriction at all! Plus, we offer bundle discounts on wholesale popcorn boxes along with free shipping and doorstep delivery.

Thus with iCustomBoxes, you get exceptional packaging at the best rate! If you have any queries or suggestions, call +1-800-347-2197 or email