Showcase your Creamy Butterscotch Pastries with our Custom Pastry Boxes

Showcase your Creamy Butterscotch Pastries with our Custom Pastry Boxes

Elegant Custom Pastry Box with Windows

Custom boxes with die-cut styles are ideal for food businesses. The primary purpose of investing a lot of money and time in pastries is to attract buyers. When selecting pastry, people always choose the most attractive and impressive frosting. We understand that situation; therefore, we have designed custom pastry boxes with window displays. So, the buyers always feel excited to see your delicate toppings and appreciate your efforts. We manufacture these boxes with many options and styles to boost your Christmas sale.

Durable Box styles and material for Custom Pastry Boxes

iCustomBoxes solution has rigid and sturdy material for box production. You can choose your favourite box style from us at a low cost. Most people use two-piece and front tuck-in box styles for pastry packaging. It looks so dearest with a die-cut window. Moreover, the PVC sheet we used could resist all the air pollutants and germs. More the box material is 100% able to be re-used. The excellent factor is that these materials stay 110% in the same condition after recycling. So be relaxed about online complaints and tension with custom pastry boxes.

We usually use cardboard boxes for custom pastry box manufacturing. You can choose other options too from us.

Material Suggestions

Cardboard Material

  • Economical for large quantities and daily purposes
  • Durable than kraft material
  • Business-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Hard and flexible

Kraft Material

  • Pocket friendly for casing one or two pastry
  • Less sturdy than cardboard and corrugated material
  • Cost efficient
  • 100% biological
  • Lightweight

Corrugated Material

  • Ideal for shipment purposes
  • Rigid then cardboard and kraft materials
  • Affordable
  • Biodegradable
  • Smooth and lightweight

Ideal Custom Sleeve Box for Pastry Packaging

The sleeve box style is ideal for pastry packaging. We customize it with an accurate shape and smooth flexibility. Its elegant design is easy to open and close. It feels like you are opening a shelve. You can even create many shelves simultaneously in custom sleeve boxes. Also, we adjusted the window sheet tightly so it could not bend if it were significant in size. Mostly, the vast sheet bent down and destroyed the clean display by merging with frosting. Don’t worry; it will not repeat with iCustomBoxes solutions.

Easy-to-Carry Handles for Custom Pastry Boxes

You can impress the buyer by adding cardboard handles to the box, which makes it easy to carry while travelling on foot. We adjust the handle to keep an equal balance so the box does not bend down from one side. For the new styles, you can also choose multi-shade ribbons—shiny strips and stings on custom pastry boxes.

Custom Rigid Inserts for Extra Protection

The custom bakery boxes protect outer protection. For inner protection, you have to do extra. Otherwise, a bit of movement can merge the frosting and ruin all of your efforts. It’s so unethical to see the blend of different stuffing. The customer will not only be angry, but he can also ask to pay back his money. If you choose a die-cut window, the sheet will be covered with all the cream. The buyer will not even look towards it—no one likes to buy soggy and ruined frosted pastry. You can also create two or more partitions inside the box.  We have

  • Custom foam inserts
  • Custom cardboard or Kraft inserts

New Year’s Themed Prints and Designs

Are you wondering about something new for the New Year and Christmas sale? Of course, we have. You can theme the event sale pastry box with our shady PMS and CMYK colour schemes. You will be impressed by watching our 2023-themed version. The enchanting colour schemes will urge buyers to buy pastries for you.

Important points:

  • PMS can cost more than CMYK
  • For multi-shading, go with PMS
  • We offer Digital printing and off-set printing machines
  • Offset printing is affordable but costs more than other methods

Mind-Blowing ADD-ONS for Custom Pastry Boxes

You can use anything from our add-ons. We have carefully selected these add-ons to give you versatility in custom pastry boxes.  To run your pastry business with a custom box, you can never skip that part. Usually, all bakeries sell the pastries in printed boxes. If you don’t want to match others, you must apply a few of these classy add-ons.

We have

  • Silver/gold foilings
  • Semi-gloss/matte coating
  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss lamination
  • Spot UV
  • Aqueous coatings
  • Embossing/debossing