Six Amazing Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Bakery Boxes

Six Amazing Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Bakery Boxes

It is a fact that tea parties and get-togethers are incomplete without bakery items. It includes the world’s most delicious items like pizza, bagels, muffins, and bread. Since we know that baked items are prone to spoilage, custom bakery boxes are a must. It keeps the edibles safe from sunlight, moisture, and dust. Apart from this, it promotes your confectionery brand globally. But for that, you need to partner with a top-notch custom box manufacturer, i.e. iCustomBoxes. Hence in this blog, our experts gathered key tips to improve your packaging designs and prints. So let us hop on to the details.

Durable Custom Bakery Boxes

The truth is that food brands are very particular about their packaging. They always prefer premium stock, i.e. cardboard, kraft, and rigid. Are you wondering why? Firstly it is 100% biodegradable, which means that it naturally decomposes. Thus it cuts pollution and saves the extensive clean-up procedure.

Secondly, the durable stock provides maximum protection for bakery items. It has a sturdy design structure that prevents the boxes from collapsing. Thirdly, cardboard, kraft, and rigid offer unlimited customization options. Thus it can easily be crafted into different box shapes, sizes, designs, and colours.

Wow, sounds terrific!

Wholesale Bakery Packaging With Die-Cuts

It is admitted that bakeries are full of die-cut boxes. It acts as a silent salesman and speeds up the buyer’s shopping experience. For example, you can look through the transparent sheet and have an idea about the product’s flavour and quantity. Thus you don’t need to open the box, which saves you time. And you end up adding the box to the cart!

Bakery Packaging with Inserts

Do you want to pack multiple cinnamon rolls in a box? But do you think that the box will look disorganized? Well, with custom inserts, you can beautifully organize your packaging.  The inserts are also known as partitioners or dividers. And they are available in kraft, rigid, and cardboard stock. They are placed inside the box and divided into different sections. Thus it makes the box spacious, and you can easily display your rolls. 

Besides, you can order coloured inserts to make your pastry boxes attractive. And you can even embellish it with interesting images or personalized texts.

Imagine a scenario. Would you like to buy a blank box or one with a logo design? Well, the answer is quite obvious. You would pick the box with branded logo. The truth is authentic packaging boosts the customer’s confidence in your brand. When they enter the bakery, they look at the logo and pick the box. As a matter of fact, the branded logo is a complete win for the brands and the customers. It helps the brand to stand out from the crowd and convinces the customers to buy.

Hence the boxes with the logo are a must-have! And you can further enhance them with debossing, embossing, and foil stamping.

Boxes with Handles

Food lovers want lightweight and handy food packaging. After all, they want to enjoy their food to the fullest. You can attach a cardboard or kraft handle to the bakery boxes. And you can easily carry them during road and picnic trips. Further, you can also decorate the handles with other add-ons. For instance, you can attach hang tags, ribbons, or greeting cards. Thus with iCustomBoxes, you enjoy endless customization at affordable rates.

Custom Printed Packaging

Isn’t that unfair to pack the yummy fruitcake in a dull box? Yes, it is! Therefore we recommend using colourful and printed packaging. It means that you can display your cakes in bright red, blue, orange, and yellow boxes. It makes the wholesale bakery boxes eye-catching and grabs everyone’s attention. Further, you can enhance the packaging with gold foil stamping and highlight the key information.

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Why choose iCustomBoxes?

Our decades of experience and the latest printing machinery help us to design the best custom bakery boxes. Our quick customization process and efficient courier system deliver the boxes to your doorsteps in no time. Thus we print and dispatch the rush orders within 8 and standard orders within 12 business days. Besides, our cooperative customer agents are available to assist you 24/7. Therefore if you want to track your orders or discuss the budget feel free to connect with us. You can call +1-800-347-2197 or send your packaging-related queries to