Top Advantages of Using Custom Blank Cigarette Boxes for Tobacco Brand

Top Advantages of Using Custom Blank Cigarette Boxes for Tobacco Brand

Undoubtedly, product packaging plays a pivotal part in giving a distinguishable position to the brand’s products in the busy market. Recently, product presentation has gained priority over the product’s quality. People do not bother to see inside the box and reject it due to poor packaging.  In the present day, competition is amplified manifold in each industry. Tobacco is not an exception. A cigarette is one of the most consumed tobacco items. They require blank cigarette boxes that enhances their value and the presence of the actual taste. Most brands go for standardized boxes to avoid the fuss of customization. But we assure you that you will not be able to avoid it after reading about the advantages of custom blank cigarette boxes. Let’s get started.

Availability of Blank Cigarette Boxes in Diverse Styles and Shapes

Diversity is the key to success. People want to eliminate dull packaging from their lives. Creatively designed boxes have the potential to catch the client’s glance at first sight. You can go for custom blank cigarette boxes to outstand the tobacco items on the retail shelves. The best thing about these boxes is their flexible nature. They are not uniform like ready-made boxes. You can decide how you want your package to look like. They are available in any custom shape, size, color, and materials. You can determine the box’s dimensions following the product’s specifications. However, sleeve packaging is a trendy box design due to its slide to reveal nature.

Cardboard Cigarette Boxes: Reliable Option for Cigarette Packaging:

Most brands look for customized packaging to protect the physical quality of valuable cigarettes. The clients do not compromise on quality when it comes to smoking. They always prefer to choose hygienic and durable packaging. Cigarettes are delicate and sensitive items. They can easily break or curve. Moreover, they are also at risk of getting moist and hard due to the harsh condition weather. In this respect, blank cigarette boxes are a perfect option. They are made with the sturdiest food-grade materials like kraft, cardboard, and corrugated paper. These papers have zero harmful impact on the cigarette’s quality. The cigarettes stay fresh, and their natural aroma is retained for an extended time.

Blank Cigarettes Box with Logo: Helpful for Brand’s Marketing

There is prevailing cutting-throat competition in every industry. Tobacco is not an exception. There is no need to spend money on expensive strategies for brand marketing.   Custom blank cigarette boxes are a very cost-efficient and productive way to build a separate identity in the market. The cigarette box with a minimal logo design makes products prominent in the crowded environment. The client’s trust also establishes in the company’s products. And its results in the ultimate improvement of product sales. In addition, you can give a logo design an exciting and catchy look with foiling. Foil stamping is available in various colors. You can choose silver and gold foiling for accurate and beautiful results.

Enhance Customer Loyalty with Biodegradable Blank Cigarette Packaging:

 Green packaging has become the need of the hour. Cigarette consumers have started prioritizing their environment over beautifully printed packaging. Custom blank cigarette boxes are a great tool to win the hearts of eco-conscious clients. They are made of brown/ white/black kraft and cardboard paper. Brown kraft paper packaging is compostable. It is preferred due to its wholesome organic appearance. It does not have any harmful impact on the health of the planet Earth and expensive cigarettes as well. However, blank cardboard cigarette boxes are also entirely recyclable.

Save Money on Buying Custom Blank Cigarette Boxes at Wholesale:

There are plenty of advantages to buying blank cigarette boxes at wholesale. At first, it is less time-consuming. You can place orders at once and get rid of repetitive order placement. On the other hand, it helps put aside a handsome amount from your budget. The more you purchase, the more you get the opportunity to save. Moreover, shipment costs are also reduced. Additionally, less petroleum consumptions minimize the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

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Do you provide design samples for the client’s satisfaction?

Yes, we offer digital mock-ups at the client’s request. You can get them in 2D and 3D digital forms without paying any cost.

What kinds of foiling colors do you suggest?

We suggest silver and gold foiling for superb quality prints. However, it is available in rose gold, embossed, holographic, and metallic foil (silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green).

Which materials option do you use for manufacturing blank cigarette boxes?

Usually, we use cardboard paper for retail packaging. Moreover, kraft and cardboard corrugated are also good options.

Do you ship orders worldwide?

We are not limited to a few countries. We ensure free and secure shipment to the client’s doorsteps worldwide.

How many days does standard delivery time contain?

Our standard delivery time consists of 14 to 17 business days. However, you can request rush order delivery as well. We print and dispatch rush orders within 8 to 12 business days.


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