Top Six Reasons Why Custom Macaron Boxes are a Must-have!

Top Six Reasons Why Custom Macaron Boxes are a Must-have!

Macarons are bite-sized cookies with a crunchy exterior filled with jam or buttercream. They are brightly colored having tempting textures and flavors. As a matter of fact, its slight crunch and chewy texture make it a macaron! Therefore custom macaron boxes are a must to preserve their shape and texture. And this blog explains the top six reasons you should order custom boxes. So stick around for interesting information!

Protects the Macarons

It is a fact that confectionery items are prone to spoilage. Hence we need to protect them from contamination and moisture. And for that custom macaron boxes are much needed! You can pick any box style and design them in kraft or cardboard stock. It is 100% recyclable, flexible, durable, and versatile. And you further enhance its durability and sturdiness with the following surface laminates.

  • Aqueous coating
  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination

Hence the coating mentioned above makes the packaging more long-lasting. 

Variety of Packaging Styles

We all have seen red, green, blue, orange, and pink colored macarons. They are super tempting and delicious. And unique macaron packaging makes it even more irresistible! Thus out-of-the-box packaging design is the key to winning over customers. You can display the sweet sandwiches in a two-piece, tray, and sleeve, tuck front, or boxes with die-cuts. Since we know that macrons are colored so, black, white, or brown boxes give it an attractive look. Hence unique and dark-colored packaging is the perfect combo.

Exclusive Packaging

Worldwide, people eat nutty, caramel, and chocolaty macarons. And it is a beautiful gift item. However, you can add the surprise element to the custom-printed macaron boxes with foil stamping. The metallic foil is applied to the initials, dates, or personalized messages with high heat and pressure. Thus it permanently adheres to the specific artwork. Moreover, the foil comes in blue, copper, rose gold, red, green, silver, and golden.

Hence it offers great customization options. Lastly, you can couple hot foil stamping with embossing and debossing. You can fill the area with colored foil and give your sweet boxes a million-dollar look!

Wonderful Unboxing Experience

Opening a cake, pastry, donut, or macaron box is always exciting. Indeed it is a wonderful feeling on its own. And nowadays, people are very picky about box style, color, design, and size. Hence they note the nitty and gritty of the packaging. 

Therefore, it is important to keep all the design elements in mind; the organization is the most important. And unquestionably the custom dividers are a versatile organizer. The kraft or cardboard inserts are placed vertically or horizontally. And overall, it gives a neat and sophisticated look to the custom macaron boxes.

Boxes with Windows; Acts as a Silent Salesperson

Custom boxes are all-rounder packaging. It provides protection, helps brand marketing, and fosters a strong customer-brand relationship. So confectionery brands pay special attention to packaging designs. And boxes with windows are the trendies box style. You can attach the transparent sheet to any box style (two-piece, tray and sleeve, or tuck front).

It is literally like a window and gives information about the macaron’s flavor, size, and quantity. Thus at large, it acts as a silent salesperson and helps sweet lovers in taking the right decision.

Right size Packaging

Standard boxes have become obsolete because it offers zero customization margin. But custom packaging lets you choose any size, style, color, design, and stock. Wow, that’s great! Hence you can order the perfect size box according to the size and quantity of the macarons. And our latest die-cutting machinery will cut them to the exact size. Thus proper, size boxes discourage packaging waste and build a positive brand image. 

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