What are the Different Types of Packaging Materials? [Complete Guide]

What are the Different Types of Packaging Materials? [Complete Guide]

Nowadays, customized packaging has become a necessity for each retail business. A premium quality box is required to safely and soundly transit high-valued products.  How to create a remarkable bespoke package? The box's material is one of the most crucial factors behind the customization of a perfect package. There are plenty of packaging material options in the market. 

Are you finding it hard to select the best ones? You don't need to be anxious. This blog is an in-depth guide that will dig into the details of the packaging material types and bring to light the importance of each stock for various industries. The list of the most common types of materials used in the packaging industry follows.

4 Types of Packaging Materials 

  • Corrugated Paper: Ideal to Ship Products:

Corrugated cardboard paper has worldwide usage material for boxes. This paper is suitable for use in different circumstances.  However, it is one of the most ideal substrates for shipping boxes. It comprises the paperboard layers that make it feasible to stand against tinctures, tears, traveling jerks or shocks, etc. Here, we have listed the few attributes of custom corrugated boxes that will help you decide they are the most suitable stock if you have to use them for shipment. 

  1. They are easy to load and unload because of their lightweight nature.
  2. Corrugated material is eco-friendly as it is entirely recycleable. 
  3. They are highly flexible; you can customize them into diverse sizes, shapes, and colors. 
  4. Corrugated, comprising of corrugated flutes, is durable and helps to keep things protected and unbroken.
  5. Corrugated is the most affordable stock if we compare it to other existing material options. 
  6. Corrugated is viable for prints so that you can use them for promotional or brand marketing. 
  • Choose Rigid Paper to Create a Luxurious and Appealing Packaging:

do you require a premium packaging solution to stock high-valued retail or gift items?  Custom rigid boxes are the first option that comes to mind. Indeed, rigid paper is the true definition of richness and luxury.  Though rigid is an expensive stock, we cannot deny rigid paper's high-ending, appealing nature. That's why rigid paper has frequent usage for branded, gift, or promotional box packaging. Below are the key features of rigid paper packaging such as:

  • Uplift the product's value and stand them our
  • Suitable for the brand's marketing
  • Sturdy and sustainable packaging solution 
  • Available in collapsible and non-collapsible form 
  • Leave a good impression on the clients and build their trust in the company's products 
  • Kraft paper: 100% Recycled and Compostable Soltuion 

Kraft paper is also one of the most preferred options in retail packaging. One of the most significant factors behind the popularity of kraft paper is its budget and eco-friendly nature. So, it is the best option for those companies who want to play a productive role in endorsing green packaging. Moreover, kraft paper comes in various colors, like brown, black, and white. Brown kraft has massive demand as compared to white and black ones. Brown kraft paper is prepared using wooden pulp and does not harm food or the environment. It is 100% recycled. In addition, another significant attribute of kraft paper is its durability. It has the stamina to resist moisture, heat, humidity, etc. 

  • Cardboard Paper: Versatile, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 

Cardboard paper is the most excellent packaging option. Cardboard is the first-rate choice of manufacturers and brands because of its durable, eco-friendly, affordable, and versatile nature. Custom cardboard boxes are an ideal solution to store vulnerable goods effectively without worrying about their decay. The versatility of these boxes makes them a suitable option to keep a wide range of retail goods like make-up, jewelry, skin care products, electronics, food, bakery items, etc. like kraft paper, uncoated cardboard paper is also recycleable. Additionally, cardboard paper is print-friendly. So, you can imprint these boxes in any artwork and prints you choose.

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Hopefully, this blog has been helpful to make you familiar with different types of  packaging material and their attributes. You must have noticed that each paper has diverse properties. So, you can handpick a specified material following company’s budget and product’s specifications as well.  



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