Why does the sale of cosmetic products increase in winter?

Why does the sale of cosmetic products increase in winter?

Mintel has said that seasonality is becoming a new trendsetter for the cosmetic product as its colours and shades change according to the season. The demand for cosmetic products in fascinating pillow boxes is indeed increasing day by day. Thus, the survey explains that 80% of German consumers said they need to change cosmetics for their skin throughout the year.

The demand for cosmetics increases in winter because your skin needs more protection due to dryness in the air. The lips and hair need more protection as it gets dry easier. So, you have to change your skin products to keep your body moisturized and beautiful.

That is why the sale of lip balm increased in winter to protect the lips from dryness. Thus, the demand for hair extension and lip gloss increased in winter because of the considerable hair fall in winter and the dryness of the lips. That's why customers have a huge demand to get these two products among the cosmetics.

Protect your fascinating lip balms by having commendable packaging material

Everybody knows that winter is not suitable for skin as it makes the facial parts of the body dry. Especially lips need more protection and care. So, make sure that you are applying lip balms to keep the lips soft that flourish the beauty of the face.

That's why it needs the best packaging as its demand is high. Furthermore, the lip balm brands need to avail the stunning material that keeps them secure and fresh. Hence, new products can provide you with better results. So, make sure that the packaging of the lip-balm boxes is outstanding. Therefore, the most useable material of the packaging is:

  • Cardboard

The use of cardboard packaging to keep the versatile designs of the lip boxes is mind-blowing. The quality of this paper is outstanding due to its eco-friendly nature. It can be made again and again in different designs and is cost-effective at the same time.

  • Corrugated

The corrugated packaging is considered sturdier because of its e-fluted layer. So, the boxes of this paper remain forever and in their original state, keeping the product fresh. 

  • Kraft

The Kraft paper is outstanding in presenting a single piece of the product to the customers in an appealing way.

Make sure that your winter products are packed in eye-catching prints of the boxes

Lip glosses, lip balms, and hair extensions are the most demanding products in the market. Hence, in winters, everybody faced hair fall issues and dryness of the skin. So, that's why lip balms are the essential thing that can soft the outlook of the lips and give them a pleasing touch. But your product sale can increase by availing the fascinating look of the boxes. Lip glosses need proper protection. That's why the customized lip gloss boxes are available in different designs and eye-catching prints. Printing also plays a significant role in boosting the sale of lip glosses. 

  • Digital printing
  • 3D/2D printing
  • Offset printing
  • One-colour printing

It depends on the client's choice to select one fascinating method that brings the most desiring colours. Meanwhile, the packaging of the boxes becomes luxurious after grabbing their excellent colour scheme. The use of CMYK and PMS in getting to the one desiring colour that will also suit your lip balm box. 

Besides that, 3D/2D and digital printing to keep the packaging of the lip glosses luxurious is another brilliant technique. The visitors always appreciate such brands that are famous for their package and appealing colour scherm. That gives 6the digital look to the packaging by selecting this technique. 

Apply window die-cut feature on the packaging to get an extraordinary response to the product

The hair fall issue became more common when winter arrived. So, everybody got to panic about what to do next. But hair extensions are one of the best solutions to keep you more beautiful and give strength to your original hair. But you know, it's essential to protect them in specific packaging. Thus, you have to get hair extension boxes in different designs to keep the extension safe from dust and chemicals. Meanwhile, window die-cut on the boxes makes the packaging more luxurious and appealing for the buyers. 

Add/on features to make the boxes more elegant.

You know, successful brands pay more focus on the packaging to keep it more appealing for the customer's eye. That's why the customizing method brings out the outstanding feature of the boxes. These features make the packaging of the hair extension eye-pleasing as well. meanwhile, these features are:

  1. Embossing/debossing
  2. Raised inks
  3. PVC sheet
  4. Gloss/matt lamination
  5. Silver gold foiling

You can select any one of the above features that you think is suitable for your product packaging. On the other hand, the use of foiling and lamination is to upgrade the unique look of the packaging of the lip balm boxes. The use of embossing/debossing is to increase the quality of the packaging by highlighting the texture of the material. That's why prepare the packages by availing this fascinating feature to boost up your winter product sale. The use of PVC sheets s hundred per cent recyclable as it keeps your product safe from humidity and keeps it fresh for the users.