Cardboard Vape Oil Packaging with free Design Services - iCustomBoxes

Cardboard Vape Oil Packaging with free Design Services - iCustomBoxes

Time and again, durable packaging has been neglected. Brands fail to realize the impact quality packaging has in providing protection to their product as well as generating sales. Team iCustomBoxes has always emphasized this fact and has been assisting clients for ages.

Keeping in mind the great health benefits of hemp oil, many people have now been purchasing and demanding it a lot. However, customers get bothered about the quality of the hemp oil if the packaging of hemp oil boxes is neglected. It is paramount for brands to be considerate towards their packaging. Secure and durable packaging is required and cannot be neglected. Thus, we provide one of the best quality materials you can use for manufacturing custom hemp oil boxes.

  • Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated Cardboard

The above-listed stocks can be used to build a strong exterior for your custom hemp oil packaging. Moreover, all these stocks are eco-friendly as well. This means that your packaging can be recycled and won’t pose a threat to the environment.

How Can Innovative Boxes Styles Help Generate Sales?

It is important to understand the fact that every aspect of your customization counts and has an impact to boost sales for your hemp oil. One aspect you can rely upon for this purpose is the style of a box. This aspect has remarkably brought change to the sales positively. With our innovative box styles, you can now make your custom hemp boxes stand out.

Below mentioned are some box styles you may consider:

  • Tray and Sleeve Boxes
  • Gable bags
  • Hexagon two-piece boxes
  • Straight tuck end boxes
  • Double-wall tuck front boxes

Form Elegant Prints for your Custom Hemp Oil Packaging

With the assistance of our design support, you can now form an outlook for your custom hemp oil boxes. Moreover, we also offer design techniques such as digital and offset printing. With these techniques, you get the accurate colours you’ve chosen for your printed hemp oil boxes.

Our design support is completely free for you. Therefore, their guidance will help you build effective packaging that will help your brand dominate this industry. Once you’ve got your printed hemp oil boxes, you might feel that something is still required. That element is coating. The coating gives a seal to your prints, adding to their grace. With aqueous, matte, and glossy coats, your custom hemp boxes will intensify their outlook!

Promote your Product by using our add-on features

Our additional features will undoubtedly make your custom hemp oil packaging eye-captivating.

  • Foiling

With foiling, you can outline or print the logo of your brand. This will make your brands’ logo look exquisite.

  • Embossing and Debossing

This feature will give a 3D effect to the pattern of your custom hemp oil boxes. Your boxes will be able to grab consumer attention over other hemp oil boxes. 

Using these features will get a well-crafted look to your hemp oil packaging. Hence, your customized boxes will promote your brand’s credibility and integrity. Thus, you will then be able to promote and form a good image of your brand.

Die-cut Window and its Value for a Customer

A die-cut is a window-like structure you can customize on your hemp oil packaging. One of the failures brands fails to generate sales is that customers want to have a look at the product before making a purchase. With completely sealed boxes, it is not possible to do so.

However, with a die-cut window, your customers can have a look at the product. A die-cut is a whole on the packaging, protected by a PVC sheet. As a result, this feature will allow your customer to see through the box and have a look at your hemp oil. Therefore, a purchase is then ensured!

Wholesale Orders now in Budget

You can now get a large amount of your custom hemp oil packaging at extremely affordable prices at iCustomBoxes. Furthermore, we also provide free shipping so you don’t have to stress about the shipping charges as well. With this cherry on top, purchasing a bulk purchase of your custom hemp boxes will prove to be extremely pocket-friendly for you!

Get a Free Quote

We make sure to give a free quote so you have an estimate of the expected expenses. However, we would still want to address the fact that we not only deal with large-scale businesses but have shown immense support to small business owners as well. Hence, we make sure to make your customization process economical for you in whatever ways we can!