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What are cosmetic boxes?

Cosmetic boxes are very wonderful packaging boxes with a purpose to provide maximum packaging safety to all the sensitive and reactive makeup and cosmetic products. Cosmetic products covers a large range of products and usually all the beauty, body care and makeup products are termed collectively as cosmetic products and for them we make cosmetic boxes. These cosmetic boxes are very easy going and fine and you can safely keep your products packed for as long as you want. Cosmetic boxes are highly reliable and extremely useful boxes which you can easily purchase now and use for your own products.

Type of cosmetic boxes

Cosmetic boxes are of several types though because they all have different composition depending upon the nature of material and the elements used to create them. Cosmetic boxes are one of the best boxes to use and very protective because they always contain a very good quality material. However, following two types of cosmetic boxes are much hit these days:

  • Cardboard

Cosmetic boxes which contain cardboard as the packaging material are one if the most useful boxes for all types of cosmetic products. They are easily adaptable to all of them and keep them secure from any damage.

  • Rigid

Rigid cosmetic boxes are those which have slightly stiff material than cardboard and which are specially designed for respective cosmetic products. These boxes are also very good however.

Usage of cosmetic boxes in industries

Cosmetic boxes are used extensively in those industries which deal in manufacturing cosmetic products which are of various types. Cosmetic boxes are also used in beauty salons, shops and beauty industries because only cosmetic boxes are relevant and suitable for the packaging of cosmetic products. These boxes are always very amazing for a great packaging usage because they perfectly do their job and keep all types of danger away from reaching the underlying product so that it can stay protected and safe for a long time.

Cosmetic boxes for display purpose

For cosmetic products the display of the products counts a lot and new customers only give the products a try if they fine them visually appealing and attractive. We design cosmetic boxes in such a way that you can easily place them on your counter display and help attracting more and more customers for your brand. This way you can gain a lot of brand exposure and increase the number of sales for your products which will help you generating more revenues.

Our process

iCustomBoxes is one of the top best manufacturers of cosmetic boxes and you can see it through our boxes. We use best material for creating these boxes which is durable in nature and can be used for keeping the packaging boxes in working condition for a long time. Cosmetic boxes are perfectly fine for all cosmetic products and they are also customized to create beautiful designs and prints on them which are available in several styles. Our cosmetic boxes are satisfactorily being used by several beauty and makeup giants which speaks a lot about the credibility of our highly recommended cosmetic boxes.

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Now you can also get all the cosmetic boxes that you want, delivered to you without any extra charges. Yes, this is true! iCustomBoxes has its online store which you can browse and select your favourite cosmetic boxes with respective options and place your orders. A time if few days will be given to you and within that you will receive your order of cosmetic boxes delivered which is absolutely fantastic. You can get these cosmetic boxes delivered without any expense or additional charges. So just order them today.

Select your style and product for custom boxes

Now among several options given to you for cosmetic boxes on our website, you can choose those that are suitable for you and that you want to order and you can place your orders online. We give our customers several options of sizes, shapes and styles for cosmetic boxes so that it becomes easy for them to choose their own needed cosmetic boxes.

Get a free quote

Now you can get a free quote for cosmetic boxes from iCustomBoxes and you can realize that how perfect and complete this packaging brand which is helping so many customers in different ways with their products marketing. You can also select you favourite cosmetic boxes from our online store and get a free quote for these cosmetic boxes. So hurry up and place your orders.

Share your artwork

iCustomBoxes gives you the best opportunity to share your designing ideas and opinions so that we can design your cosmetic boxes according to the way you want. Cosmetic boxes are always up for new and creative designs and if you want to share your ideas, you can give your vital suggestions to our designing team and we will always appreciate that. iCustomBoxes always encourages its customers to be alert of its great endeavours towards creativity.

Free design support

There are several packaging brands which charge its customers for providing them designing support and customisation whereas iCustomBoxes provides its customers with absolutely free design support, consultancy and customization of its packaging boxes. Without any extra charges you can get fully customized cosmetic boxes which look very unique and which are always customized with long lasting colours and perfect techniques so that nothing looks odd about these amazing cosmetic boxes. So just get your cosmetic boxes now with absolutely stunning designs and styles which are very lovable.

Get free 3d proof

From iCustomBoxes you can easily obtain your samples for cosmetic boxes and check if they are perfectly according to your standards and have everything that you need. These cosmetic boxes are always 10/10 and you can also try them for yourself. We can provide you with absolutely free 3d proof and samples of your cosmetic boxes which you can check and finalize your orders accordingly. So only get your cosmetic boxes from ICUSTOMBOXES whenever you need a fine quality cosmetic packaging.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

Every woman wants to look her best. The look starts from her dress, and then comes in her makeup, then the jeweler and then finally the makeup. But the makeup maybe is last but certainly not the least. In fact without it the look of absolutely no women can be complete. Thus it is extremely important that makeup is kept in boxes that are not only presentable for the general audience but also those that make the usage of the cosmetics fairly easy.
That is why the cosmetic boxes are found in such a variety of shapes sizes and colors.

Customized Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

To start off, when designing the cosmetic boxes it is exceptionally important for you to understand that it needs to be one that is catering to your target audience. Every demographic is different and thus so is their needs and preferences. Thus their whole behavior is different and they will respond to the same type of product differently. That is why keen attention needs to be given to the boxes. For example if the company is looking to market its cosmetics to a teenage audience then it might want to consider using cosmetic boxes that are in bold colors. Having said that, if the company wants to reach out to an audience that is in their thirties, you might want to consider have softer color tones.

Custom Printed Cosmetic Packaging

Then the cosmetic boxes may also vary due to the consistency of the cosmetic that you are likely to introduce in your market. For example if you are looking to introduce a lipstick in gel form then obviously you cannot place it in a standard cosmetic box as it will cause the gel to spill and become wasted. The better box would definitely be a tube from which the gel can be easily squeezed out and applied. Thus this is indeed an important consideration.
Also the box needs to be one that is of the appropriate color. This just needs to be to keep the target audience of the company in mind but also its branding material. Color of the cosmetic box should obviously be one that is indeed complementing of the logo and that makes it stand out rather than suppress it or hide. For example if the logo happens to be of a white color, then you obviously cannot choose a box that is indeed white in color. We cannot see the logo this way. Instead what should be done is to choose a contrasting color of the box like black.

Small Cosmetic Boxes for Wholesale

The correct font should also be given serious thought. It should be clear and legible and the box should have all the ingredients of the cosmetic perfectly mentioned and noted on the box. This is because many people are allergic to specific compounds and components. Thus it is very vital to place the ingredients on the box so that people with allergies can avoid the cosmetic completely.

Cosmetic Box Manufacturers

But the question that now needs to be addressed would definitely have to be that who should be approached when you want your cosmetic boxes made. The answer to that question would defiantly have to be i Custom Boxes. This is because it is only us who have the experience necessary to ensure that your cosmetic boxes are exquisitely designed and will be able to draw attention of the consumers immediately. Also, it will only be us who have the most able people in the market on our time. We have a quick turnaround time to ensure that your time is not wasted and you are able to commence your business operation immediately.