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  • Custom Cigar Boxes

    Having renowned brand cigars in pocket reflects a social class and particular taste of those conscious about social status in their circle. In the present era, it has become a fashion. Cigar boxes vary from being absolutely simple and blank to customized, printed and beautifully designed boxes. The more eye catching outside, the more attractive it is to the customers. A box customized according to the taste and keenness of customers attracts people more and thus enlarges the number of sales generated. To manufacture a cigarette box and customizing it, it is better to consider and focus on what the customer want from the company.

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    What is Cigar Boxes?

    Cigars - a great gift not merely for smokers but also for non-smokers as smoking a great tasting cigar can add life to any party or brighten up your mood in a jiffy.

    Although special cautiousness is required while storing these cigars, as most of these are sensitive to humidity so need to be stored in cigar boxes of exactly their size to ensure they are air tight to maintain their freshness. These cigar boxes are primarily just packaging solutions for cigars but they have much more to them. They are usually cardboard boxes having either a smooth polished or rough textured outlook in order to provide the best quality hard-wearing cigar boxes.

    The cigar box packaging speaks volumes about their quality and taste so it is very important that the packing of these cigars lives up to the brand image.

    Possible Shape, Design, Product for Cigar Boxes

    The shapes of these cigars greatly vary in size or in other words their ring gauges and lengths depending on the type and brand of cigar. So according to the sizes of the cigars, these cardboard cigar boxes can be manufactured of the exact dimensions so that the cigars can perfectly fit in them.

    We have always believed in customer satisfaction before anything else so our workforce makes all potential efforts made to understand the requirements of the customer and produce personalized designed cigar boxes. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs or add any personal touches to it depending on occasion or alternatively you can present your own design and we can replicate that on your cardboard cigar box.

    Usage of Cigar Boxes

    Cigar boxes have controlled humidity levels making them ideal for storing cigars, as too much moisture can kill the cigar's flavor. With that said, cigar boxes can be used for a variety of other things too that invite you to be creative. 

    They can be used as storage boxes: You could store a variety of everyday items such as spices, stationery and even your CDs. Most cigar boxes are spacious enough to store these things easily.

    Additionally, If you have a spare cigar box lying around, it can be used to make a box to store your jewelry or gold. You can also customize the look of your cigar box to fit the theme. Not only is this a fun and creative process, but it might also save you some extra bucks.

    This may sound weird but if you have a box cutter, you could use it to carve an opening in the top lid of the cigar box to make a tissue box which stores the tissues in the bottom section of the box. 

    Cigar Boxes with Logo/Brand Printing

    Whether it is for advertising, marketing or launching purposes, we can personalize ordinary cigar boxes with logos, names or product description at a commercial level. This is a great strategy for winning the loyalty of your customers and familiarizing your brand in the market. This branding will additionally earn you some credibility in today’s highly competitive market. It’ll also allow you to sell multiple products under the same known brand, for instance different types of cigars under the same logo on the cigar boxes.

    Cigar Boxes with Die Cut/ Window

    Die cutting is simply a technique used to cut alongside pictures to essentially produce cutouts and in this case of cardboard in order to manufacture the cigar boxes using a die cutting machine. This technique of cutting produces these cutouts with accuracy and precision in order to produce the best eye catching cigar boxes. These cutouts portray a three dimensional look and make the overall look of the cigar boxes quite aesthetic.

    Why we are best?

    So before any further delay, get your own personalized cigar boxes made today from ICustomBoxes are exactly the way that you like. We guarantee you the best quality cigar boxes, that too in affordable prices. Additionally, you are free to design then any way you want along with assistance from our expert designers to bring your imagination to life.

    Printed Custom Cigar Boxes

    Customers are most attracted towards what views beautiful and catchy to their eyes. Cigar boxes printed with beautiful designs, inspirational and motivational quotes, logos, pictures and any other thing the customers want can lead to greater number of sales generating high revenues. The customized boxes must be printed clearly, neatly and using beautiful colours so that they never fail to catch the heart of customers. It has become a trend and part of fashion these days that people use to customize accessories they love and need most. So are the cigars!

    Cost effectiveness Cigar Packaging

    Customized boxes aren’t really very expensive yet they serve the best quality and enrich the experience of the customers who has a sense of taste and conscious about their style. The material used to manufacture and customize is really cheap but with finest quality. The material protects the cigars, keep their original condition maintained, and also prevents environmental pollution. when these finely customized boxes are sold at reasonable prices, they generate higher sales.

    Aesthetic and appealing designs of Cigar Boxes

    From teenage boys to adult males, everyone smokes cigars to look cool. Some people are very conscious about the packaging that contains these cigars. Various shapes and sizes of boxes are produced that are more preferred by the customers too. Beautiful colored designs , shapes, logos and sizes create competition in the market as well. It is usually the most elegant looking products that attract huge number of customers. By selling customized boxes in huge variety and uniqueness from the rest, sales can be lead to huge profits.

    Reliable Cigar packaging

    Since cigars are very sensitive products and sometimes are sold from one part of the world to another via various delivery services, it is very important to protect them from being infected and sell without damaged quality. The material used should be of the best quality. Many other companies selling this product fail to fulfill this measure, considering it and satisfying the needs of customer to full extent will ultimately enhance the number of products sold.


    Available in all custom shapes and sizes

    • Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
    • Finishing / detailing :  Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
    • Add ons :   Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling,    raised ink, embossing, debossing
    • Packaging:  Assembled and shipped flat
    • Structure:  Eco-friendly assembling.
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    26-April 2018
    Most excellent service! I have had everything done from packaging to table tents done here and every items has turned out amazing. i Custom's pricing and speed cannot be matched.

    reviewed - iCustom Boxes - 5/5
    05-December 2018
    The delivery arrived by DHL with the boxes. Thank you for your excellent service and the client is most pleased with the product and the professionalism of your company and the from our part the service you have given to us Jeff in producing these boxes. :-) We hope to be in touch again for a reorder of the same.

    reviewed - iCustom Boxes - 5/5
    05-January 2019
    Great time management by iCustomBoxes team, as i received the boxes a day before Christmas as required. Looking forward to work again for my on-going future projects.

    reviewed - iCustom Boxes - 5/5
    15-February 2019
    Thank you Jeff for providing life to our product with remarkable & cost effective packaging. I wish them best of luck & giving 5 stars