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Kraft Boxes

The market is full of several different types of cardboard boxes used for packing, but the most used and most liked among all packaging boxes is the kraft box. The material used in the production of these boxes comes from pine wood as the pulp of the wood is used in the making of kraft boxes. These user- friendly boxes come in a variety of sizes and designs,and the companies like icustomboxes.com have highly qualified staff who can easily give your simple kraft boxes, different shapes, designs, and color. These boxes are much appreciated by the users for their sturdiness and durability.

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Why Retailers Like Kraft Boxes?

There are several reasons why retailers like to use the kraft boxes manufactured by renowned companies like icustomboxes.com .One major reason for the increasing popularity of kraft boxes is their cost efficient nature. This less cost of the kraft boxes does not mean that the quality is compromised, at icustoomboxes.com ,not a single box is made with the low- quality material. The kraft boxes manufactured by our company are not only light in weight, but they are water and shock resistant too. The retailers like such boxes as there is too little a damage to the products packed in kraft boxes than boxes made with other delicate materials.

Variety Of Kraft Boxes

The kraft boxes are available in a wide range of colors and designs. As the kraft boxes are made from recyclable material its natural color is brown, but with experts working in the companies like icustomboxes these boxes can be given and shape and color. For giving the craft boxes different colors the material used for kraft boxes needs to undergo a process of bleaching after which they can be produced in any color desired by the client. They kraft boxes once produced, last for many years and are used for a number of purposes.

Large Kraft Boxes

The kraft boxes are produced in several colors and shapes according to the demand of the client or the enterprise who wants to ship his products in a safe and stylish manner. The large sized kraft boxes are mostly used to ship larger items like refrigerators, gas ovens, and furniture and decorative articles. Generally, the kraft boxes produced at icustomboxes.com are plain and have no sharp edges, this makes them easy to move from one place to another .The kraft boxes in large size are very commonly used for moving from one place to the other .People who have to shift their houses from one place to another use large size plain kraft boxes to pack their belongings, these kraft boxes are so useful because they are light in weight and have the capacity to hold a number of articles. The plain kraft boxes can be easily labelled or numbered for organized shifting.

Kraft Boxes With Display Windows

There are several companies out there that want their items to stand out when the products are lined up on a retail store shelf. At icustomboxes.com is produced, kraft boxes with display windows. Although most of the companies' order boxes in vibrant colors, but there are still some companies that want to give their products a conventional or classic look and for this, they always use kraft boxes in their original color so that the product when seen from a display window look great .The kraft boxes with display windows are mostly used for bakery items and candies, several clothing companies also use kraft boxes with a display window to make their more presentable.