How You Can Get Unique Design Lip Gloss Packaging at a Wholesale Rate

How You Can Get Unique Design Lip Gloss Packaging at a Wholesale Rate

Lip gloss is a versatile beauty staple product. It hydrates the lip and gives it a smooth and shiny look. But it is also used as brow gel, highlighter, and cheek tint. For that reason, lip gloss always stays in fashion! Like other cosmetic products, lip gloss is also available in different forms. Therefore, unique custom lip gloss packaging is a must to differentiate them. In today’s blog, we have shared cost-effective design tips. So, keep on reading it till the end!

Right-Sized Packaging

Accurate-size boxes protect the lip gloss tubes from damage. It prevents them from jostling or bumping into one another. Thus, it keeps the lip gloss containers free of scratches or cracks.  Hence the shipment reaches safely and saves your brand from monetary loss. On top of that, the proper-sized custom lip gloss boxes make the best use of the packaging material. It prevents excessive packaging and provides the end users with frustration-free packaging.

So once makeup lovers are impressed with your packaging, they become repeat customers.

Versatile Custom Lip Gloss Packaging Designs

Makeup is all about looking beautiful and attractive. Thus, across the globe, women are obsessed with makeup products. And don’t you think that brands should capitalize on this golden opportunity? Emphatic YES! And for that, unique and stylish packaging is a must. You can showcase the lip gloss in hang tab packaging, counter display, dispenser, or reverse tuck end style.

It adds a new dimension to the lip gloss packaging wholesale and convinces the customers to buy. Plus, you can customize the box styles in any size, colour, or design.

Use of Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The truth is that the packaging industry is a major contributor to global packaging waste. And owing to the current situation, small to large-scale makeup brands have switched to eco-safe packaging. And it includes corrugated, cardboard, kraft, and rigid stock. The best part is that consumers also prefer environmentally friendly stock.

It is 100% recyclable, reusable, and decomposable. And it takes almost 2 to 3 months to degrade. Thus, it’s a safe and cost-effective packaging option. Moreover, you can customize any box style or size in your preferred stock.

Custom Printed Lip Gloss Boxes

There are many creative ways to market your brand. But since we are discussing cost-effective ways, custom printed lip gloss packaging tops the list. You can print the lip gloss flavour, colour, ingredients, and expiration date and make it informative. As a result, it guides makeup lovers about the product and eases their buying behaviour.

And if you maintain the lip gloss quality and its packaging, your customers turn into loyal ones. And what happens next? They become word-of-mouth advocates and market your brand for free. Thus, it saves the brands from huge promotional campaigns.

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Custom Lip Gloss Boxes with Logo

There are zillions of lip gloss brands in the market. And you can make your brand credible and stand out with a prominent logo design. You can pick any box style and print the logo. And you can use different colors, techniques, and coatings to design. You can emboss, deboss, or foil stamp the artwork for exclusive packaging. It is applied to the targeted area and adds more character to it. Hence depending on your brand style statement, you can pick any design technique.

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