Up To 25% Discount on Every Customization of Boxes | iCustomBoxes

Up To 25% Discount on Every Customization of Boxes | iCustomBoxes

There are now many cigarette manufacturing brands and companies in the market. If you are a part of this industry, it will be a task for you to make a worth of your brand. With high-quality packaging for your custom cigarette boxes, you can now successfully establish your brand. In order to understand the process for customization, it is important to learn why customization is important and what impact it will have on your brand. With customization, you are able to make and set an identity for your brand with a unique look. Good packaging affects your brands' image and growth of sales. Unfortunately, being one of the most impacted elements, the packaging is still neglected.

Customization of Packaging Helps you to

  • Build recognition for your brand
  • Better sales
  • Establish brand worth
  • Survive the market competition
  • Get popularity for your product

For the purpose of customization, here is a guide for you to understand the process of customization for your custom cigarette boxes.

The Ideal Material

Choosing a high-quality material for your cigarette boxes is necessary to ensure the safety of your cigarettes. Cigarettes have a delicate exterior. Thus, making sure that no damage occurs to the cigarettes is a brand’s duty. If a brand is able to do that, it will show a better image. Therefore, we at iCustomBoxes have worked hard to make the finest quality materials for your custom cigarette boxes. You can choose any material from paperboard, cardboard, and Kraft. However, cardboard is preferred the most. Cardboard cigarette boxes will prove to be eco-friendly while providing a strong exterior as cigarette boxes.

You can even adjust the thickness of your cardboard cigarette boxes, adding more to their durability.

Designing a Print

The next step is to customize a print on your cigarette packaging boxes. Firstly, you need to decide on a print. This is the most crucial point for clients. Sometimes, clients are not able to decide on a good enough print to be a representative of their brand. To ease this job, we provide a panel of professional designers for our clients to benefit from.

With their help and support, you will be able to form an amazing print for your cigarette packaging boxes. Hence, your custom cigarette boxes will become more appealing!

Our design support is completely free as well. Furthermore, we also provide printing styles such as digital and offset printing. They will help you to get accurate and long-lasting print for your custom cigarette boxes!

Add-on Features

We provide additional features for a better and enhanced outlook. Your cigarette boxes will be easily able to grab attention with these features. The foiling element helps to build an intense look for your custom cigarette boxes. You can use it to highlight your logo. Foiling is usually of gold and silver. However, you can customize the color of your foiling as well.

With embossing and debossing, you can make a detailed look at your cigarette boxes. They will give a 3D effect to the pattern or logo, making it more appealing. The coating helps to provide a seal to the prints of your cigarette packaging boxes. We offer three types of coating, all creating a different look. You can select any coat. Thus, the aqueous, matte, and glossy coating will give a defined look to your cigarette packaging boxes.

Wholesale purchases of cigarette packaging boxes

You can now grab a large number of your custom cigarette boxes at affordable and pocket-friendly rates. Cigarette boxes wholesale will not only provide you with a large amount of your cigarette packaging boxes but will also fit in your budget. You won’t have to worry about high expenses as well! Wholesale allows you to customize a bulk of your cigarette boxes, all at once. Thus, you will quickly receive your cigarette packaging boxes at cost-effective rates!

Free Shipping

We are known to facilitate and have been facilitating our clients for years now. That is why we are every brand’s first choice. You can now get your custom cigarette boxes right at your doorstep without having to pay for them. We provide free shipping. Moreover, our shipping service is completely safe. You won’t have to worry about getting your cigarette packaging boxes damaged. Furthermore, our delivery service is very quick. Hence, we assure you that we won’t make you wait to get ready to reach the market cigarette boxes!

Get a free quote

Many brands face the problem of setting a budget. They are worried about getting customized packaging. It is because they think that customization will cost them a lot. However, with us, you don’t have to face this worry. But we also provide an estimate for you to help you sort out your budget. You can get a free quote now. Thus, you will then be able to calculate your expenses as well!