5 Different Types of Boxes in Packaging Industry [ Detail Guide]

5 Different Types of Boxes in Packaging Industry [ Detail Guide]

In the world of packaging, different kinds of boxes make you confuse, and it isn't easy to select the right packaging in a sea of boxes. Some boxes are used to pack fragile items like perfumes, jewelry, ornaments, and other stuff. Others are sturdier in nature and are used for the secure shipping of products. However, you can choose the packaging that suits your product's needs.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 common types of packaging boxes and their significance. There are many types of boxes but here we will discuss about 5 types of boxes for packaging include rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, paperboard boxes, cardboard boxes and cardboard corrugated. We also discuss the important features that make boxes appropriate for products.

Types of Boxes for Packaging

1 Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes are those types of boxes that are not flexible. They are used to pack expensive items like mobile phones, gold, perfumes, etc. Do you remember the iPhone white box made of rigid and cardboard packaging? Luxury rigid boxes are durable and sturdier to protect delicate items. You can ensure the product safety of products inside the packaging.

Rigid boxes are made of a thick material 4 times stronger than others. They can bear all the outer pressure and retain the shapes of inside products. You can make unique logo designs with foiling and spot UV. These embellishments make your logos attractive to customers.

2 Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes are perfect for delivering the products without any damage. Brands choose a corrugated stock to ensure the safety of products during delivery. These types of packaging boxes are perfect for packing products with high security for product shipping. If you are a product manufacturer and want to deliver products to retailers. Choose the Corrugated boxes without worrying about protection during traveling.

3 Paperboard Boxes

The paperboard material is thick and rigid. It is used to pack small items. It is an affordable material, but it is not suitable for fragile items. Besides that, these boxes are one hundred percent recyclable and give your products a positive impression. You can choose such boxes to pack the toys and food items. They keep these products excellent inside the boxes. Further, you can apply the gloss matte or aqueous coating. The protective coating layer will prevent germs, dust, and other particles.

4 Cardboard Boxes 

The most popular box types are cardboard material boxes. These are lightweight and custom-friendly packaging materials. It can be transformed into any shape, size, color, and design. You can show the true face of your brand through such packaging boxes with printed brand name and logo. Versatile boxes like two-piece, sleeve, window die cut, display, tuck front, or reverse tuck end boxes are best to grab customers' attention. You can make beautiful graphic designs that will make you stand out. Besides that, the eye catchy colorful themes in these boxes are perfect for gracefully showcasing the products. These custom cardboard boxes enhance the appeal of inside items. You can pick them to bring artistic designs in packaging.

5 Cardboard Corrugated 

The cardboard corrugated boxes are made of a special kind of cardboard. They keep your products perfect in shape and give maximum security. These boxes are strong and resilient in nature. So, any products inside the boxes will remain perfect. If you run an online business and want to deliver the products to the customer's home. Get these boxes for protection during the delivery. Further, you can imprint the brand information to give customers clues. The information on the boxes impresses customers and guide them to use products correctly.

Significance of Packaging

Packaging is a wonderful way to give your products a new look. The unique designs and Fabolous styles capture the wider audience. In one published survey, the artistic packaging stimulates the customers to buy the products. The first interaction of customers occurs with the outer appearance of products. At this point, Custom Boxes and packaging becomes the key to impress customers. You can give them versatile shapes, colors, and designs to leave a long-lasting impression. Hence, they will increase the appeal of inside-packed products.

From making your products beautiful to protecting them, packaging plays an important role. Brands enjoy the unlimited benefits of customization. These packaging boxes bring excellent safety to your products. You can choose them to enhance the appeal of your products. Further, it will give a better presentation to your products. Here, we mention some important aspects of packaging for your brand success.

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Safety of Products Inside the Boxes 

Instead of jumping to the discussion about box types, we want to discuss an important aspect of packaging. Brands pay keen attention to the protection of products. They understand that if customers find the damaged products, it will impact their brand image. That's why they provide quality packaging boxes to keep products safe. You can choose a variety of materials for product protection. The strong and robust packaging solutions will meet your brand needs. Moreover, they will keep your products in exact shapes inside the boxes.

Fulfils The Brand's Promotional Needs

Suppose you are new in this competitive market and want to establish a strong brand image. Get the custom boxes with logo to introduce your products. Your unique brand logos, taglines, and slogan will make your brand famous among others. They will set an identity of brands and compel the brand-conscious audience to buy products. So, packaging is ultimately a marketing vehicle for your brand. Using it wisely will lead you to the road to success. In addition, the multiple embellishments make your brand popular. Applying foiling, spot UV, and embossing/debossing is perfect for enhancing the logo. These features will make your brand most valuable in customer's eyes.


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