What is Rigid Stock? (Complete Guide)

What is Rigid Stock? (Complete Guide)

What is  Rigid Stock:

All of you must be familiar with the term rigid boxes. Rigid boxes are a luxurious packaging solution that enhances the shelf appeal of retail goods. Before discussing rigid boxes, you must be familiar with the rigid stock. What is rigid stock, and how is it manufactured? “Rigid stock is manufactured by combining two materials like paper stock and card stock”. The amalgamation of these two substrates produces a sturdy and printable material called rigid material.

What are Custom Rigid Boxes? 

Custom rigid box is the sturdiest packaging option constructed using highly thick rigid paper. Rigid boxes, also called premium or set-up boxes, due to their appealing and prestigious nature. These rigid boxes are ideal for storing high-grade products like jewelry, costly gifts, wristwatches, perfumes, skin care containers, etc. You will be wondering why rigid boxes are preferable instead of being expensive compared to the other material alternatives. 

What are the Reasons Behind the Popularity of Custom Rigid Stock Boxes?

Today, the consumers preferences are changed. In the past, they didn’t worry about the product’s packaging. They were ok with the wrapping of high-valued goods in ordinary paper. Today, the consumers preferences are changed. They look for a premium packaging solution to place or store their precious items. Rigid boxes are becoming the most favorable option for clients because of their wonderful features. 

Let’s look into the key components of custom rigid boxes and why they have become the go-to option for the storage of luxurious items. Let’s read the details. 

Key Features of Rigid Stock 

  • Give Better Protection:

One of the best features of customized rigid stock boxes is their thickness and sturdiness. Compared to other boxes, they give additional protection to the products. Thick rigid paper is hard and does not tear apart or damage because of traveling tinctures, shocks or pressures. Rigid stock is preferred for luxury products box packaging. Thus, the products inside the package stay safe and do not deform or lose their actual physical quality. You can use these boxes to store light as well as heavy-weight items. Rigid boxes could be the best option for shipment or mailer boxes due to their durability. 

  • Crucial Role in Brand’s Marketing:

Rigid stock packaging is a great deal to advertise the brand’s name and stand out products on the full-fledged shelves. Rigid paper is print-friendly. To attract buyers, you can label the box with the brand’s logo, promotional tag lines or product details in catchy fonts. Subsequently, a potential number of buyers become familiar with the brand’s name, which results in generating the highest profit for the company. You can add extra charm to printed design by applying finishings like gloss, matt, hot foil stamping, spot UV, embossing, debossing etc. 

  • Enhance the Product’s Exposure:

Rigid packaging looks aesthetically pleasing. So, the standard of products uplifts when stored inside luxurious packages. A rigid box designed with window die-cut is an ideal way to improve the visuals of products. Window lamination with PVC sheet adds extra charm and ensures product’s safety against dust, germs, pollutants etc. Undoubtedly, catchy packaging leaves a positive impression on buyers and excites them to buy products. 

  • Easy to Customize Nature:

Customizable nature is another key component of rigid stock. You can design boxes into any customized size, color and layout following the product’s specifications. However, rigid boxes come in both collapsible and non-collapsible forms. You can handpick the box’s design of your choice. The most popular box styles in rigid include two-piece, tray and sleeve packaging, subscription boxes, tuck front, etc. In addition, rigid boxes designed with magnetic closures give a classy look to products and set the brand’s products apart from the rest. 

  • Ideal for Gift Packaging:

Besides the above-mentioned features, the rigid stock is a perfect packaging solution for designing boxes for special occasions like Christmas, holidays, birthdays or many gift items. You can adorn rigid gift boxes with ornaments and decorations like bows, ribbons, stickers, inserts, die-cuts, etc.


We can conclude that rigid boxes must be the go-to option for long-lasting and appealing storage for high-value goods with this rigid stock. Clients always buy a product after getting inspired by the packaging. Custom rigid boxes are second to none when selecting a premium packaging solution. You can contact us to purchase first-rate custom rigid box packaging at affordable prices. 



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