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    Get tremendous cereal boxes made in custom size and shape with error-free packaging and designing services. These boxes are printed with flamboyant colors and Alluring designs to grab customer’s attention. At iCustomBoxes we feel proud to help clients to make their boxes from scratch according to their requirements. Our high-quality sturdy boxes will ensure the safety of your cereals and will help your brand to stand out from competitors. We use offset and digital printing for your boxes and offer various finishing options to make your boxes enchanting. Our wholesale Cereal Boxes are offered at budget friendly rate along with free delivery.

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    What are Cereal Boxes?

    Cereals are breakfast food item which is more nutritious than commonly consumed products. And people prefer to take to cereal with milk to make a perfect start for their day. Cereals are made of different products like wheat, maize, and parsley. They are present in crushed or powdered form and often mixed in milk so that all the ingredients are well absorbed and together they make a full of nutrition meal.

    Since cereal is made using edible products so there is always a risk about its safety because if the cereal is kept exposed and in unhygienic conditions, it can immediately lose its current form and get spoiled. Thus, it will be of no use to consume this cereal. Those food companies which make cereal can't afford to take such big risks and they immediately try to find a workable solution for preserving the cereals. Cereal boxes are two-step protective boxes in which the cereal is first packed in a plastic or paper bag and then it is kept in a box. This two-way safety is best to keep the cereals fresh and richer in taste thus also maintaining their nutritional importance.

    Types of Cereal Boxes

    Cereal is a kind of product that has great variety in it as it is not just made of a single item having just one flavor. You can find quite a number of items that make cereals producing different kinds and flavors of cereals. Some of them include rice, raisin, coffee, cinnamon, honey, and oatmeal. These ingredients are used either separately to make a distinct flavor of cereals or combined together to make a single rich flavor of the cereal. For the different ingredients, it is always better to use separate boxes for every flavor or the cereals.

    It will not only keep them distinct, separated, and more prominent but will also provide protection to each cereal ingredient according to its exclusive packaging. Therefore, it is essential that you always tend toward that packaging range that can offer you a number of boxes and all those boxes should be according to the specific ingredients for which they are made. It will also be helpful for people to get and use their needed flavored cereals with a separate and distinct packaging so that they can keep them safe and hygienic. Furthermore, due to these boxes, the taste and nutrition of the contents remain the same until they expire.

    Cereal Boxes for Display purposes

    The display is the basic thing in the marketing of the products because it gives a nice and meaningful presentation of the products to the customers. A good display is a plus point for everything whether it is cereal or something else. Therefore, if you want to make a certain product a great success, you need to fully work on creating its meaningful display and packaging always can be a helpful thing in this. Cereal boxes are not just created with the aim of selling cereals to the customers rather their beautiful designs bring more customers to the cereals.

    These designs usually include images and printed designs of the cereals, the ingredients, and different recipes to make the cereal. These beautifully created boxes can be placed on the display for promoting the cereals and inviting a new audience. Tou will see that the importance of using the designed boxes is very high and its results are also very favorable. If you’re just trying to find some more sales for your cereals, you can try this way of using your cereals with greater returns.

    Our process

    If you are in need of quality cereal boxes but you’re not familiar with the quality services of a reliable brand then you must check few aspects of any packaging company before relying on it for your orders. iCustomBoxes is the best place to get any type of packaging range because it creates unique and very recent packaging boxes having the latest designs and styles made on them. Also its entire team from manufacturing sales personnel to marketing ones, everyone is so well equipped and has great expertise in designing quality boxes.  iCustomBoxes follows the below procedure to create packaging boxes

    1. It first prepares a complete sample of the packaging just as a mapped-out work to start the process.
    2. After that, the designing team mutually selects the relative designs and creates them as samples.
    3. Boxes are passed through secured tools for creating their real structures.
    4. Then they are printed with designs using different kinds of color schemes.
    5. After that, the essential things like a trademark or logo of the brand are fixed on the surface of the boxes.
    6. Then the external styling is done using different stuff.
    7. These boxes always come in more than one shape and different sizes.

    Select your Cereal Boxes styles and designs

    Cereal packaging is one of the most amazing packagings that is created by iCustomBoxes and it has a great variety to offer to its customers. It is very amazing if cereal boxes are created in different options of styles and designs and here are their benefits

    1. Using different shapes and styles brings creativity to the boxes.
    2. Such boxes that are not repeated in the same patterns are more advantageous.
    3. You can also offer your style suggestions for these boxes.
    4. Designs are always very useful and you can do offer the manufacturer certain ideas.
    5. However, for this, it is necessary that the designs must be unique and belong to only them.
    6. Not just that, you must also be very careful about the entire staff that you will offer us as printing.
    7. The styles should accompany by beautiful and richly created designs.
    8. You should also know the relevance and worth of the designs while planning them.
    9. The boxes can be painted in the same color as you’re using for your brand and its other products.
    10. In addition to that, you must also properly consult with our design team for further details.

    Get a free quote

    Before ordering your packaging boxes, if you want to know about the prices, you can request us for price quotes. Through price quotes, you will be able to have a full idea about the prices and the discounts and other charges that you will have to pay for the cereal boxes. However, the price quotes from iCustomBoxes will only include the price charges for the boxes and not shipping or any other charges. For big orders, it is always considered better to get the price quotes first and then placing the orders.

    If there are any sales or does discounts available, you can also know about that as well, so we suggest you first request an apiece quote from the manufacturer and then placing the orders according to that. You will hence prior have an idea and will not get confused about the price charges. For requesting price quotes, you can simply go to the website and there you can either get in touch with the team or simply wrote an email to provide you with the price quotes. Hence you will be able to plan your order according to your need as well as the estimated price margins.

    Cost-effective packaging for customized cereal boxes wholesale

    It is the desire of everyone to use the best of the packaging boxes for their products, for their gifts as well as even for the personal use of goods. Custom cereal boxes wholesale are full-fledged designed and styled boxes as they are completely marvelous. Not just that, the price range if iCustomBoxes is also very economical and you can get stupendous boxes from here. For an idea, you can visit us online and get to know about the prices of each and every product.

    Furthermore, you can also get wholesale price rates for these boxes if your order size is quite large. Wholesale prices have are only for large orders as they include quite a large number of boxes and it would be very expensive and difficult for customers to afford them otherwise. Therefore, if you’re into a business and you need an uninterrupted supply of packaging to continue your orders and sale to the customers, you can get wholesale price rates for best-customized boxes. These boxes are most reasonable to use as they will greatly be liked by the customers and also they will find them quite reasonable.

    Customizability with customizable wholesale boxes with logo

    Customization is the most important feature of any packaging service and without it, the boxes must not be that effective and attractive. It also includes personalization which makes the boxes prepared according to specific guidelines and directions. Also, you can prepare them as per your suggestions and requirements so that customers will find them appropriate. You can check the samples online at iCustomBoxes website. Customization includes using the boxes with printed designs, using different styles and several colors for these boxes.

    Also for availing the more options, you can go to our website and from there you can contact either our team or read the guidelines mentioned online on the website. Also, you can get the logo of the boxes developed and printed free of cost. Logo or trademark really helps a lot because it can let your products reach almost every single related person. Therefore it is always better to spend on the right kind of packaging that in addition to being merely packaging also lets your product attain growth and marketing. So keep using these boxes and keeping moving ahead.

    Personalized Cereal Boxes Canada

    Cereals and breakfast go hand in hand and are a breakfast commodity. Custom Cereal Boxes have the ability to promote, identify, and add attractiveness to your Breakfast Cereal brand. ICustomBoxes offers to make your own custom cereal box with the help of our cereal box customizer specialist. You will have the option of full-color Cereal Box printing with your logos and designs. Starting from Cardboard Cereal Box to custom cereal box template we will guide and give you the best Custom Cereal Box printing at the cheapest rates.

    Custom Cereal Boxes Wholesale

    Packaging companies like iCustomBoxes.com, have been successful in promoting different brands in cereals with the help of their exquisite packaging. The following are some favorite cereals consumed all over the world.

    Make Your Own Custom Cereal Box

    Today’s modern world gives more importance to packaging rather than the quality of the product that is packed inside it, only wise consumers give equal importance to both aspects of a product. A few decades back there were just a few types of cereals available in the market and so the variety of packaging was also limited. The cereals need proper care to keep fresh, and airtight proper packaging is a must to keep them away from moisture, which is the main cause of cereals going to waste. If you have closer look at the majority of people who use cereals more, you will notice that school-going children and teenagers are the major users of cereals. The attractive cereal boxes are enough to captivate the youth of today.

    Blank Cereal Boxes for Sale

    Cornflakes is not a brand name it is just the name of a cereal that is the most used item at the breakfast table of east and west, north, and even south. Cornflakes is a cereal that is now produced as much as it is used by dozens of different companies who are competing with each other to market their product in the best way they could. Nothing in the world is as effective in the increased sale of a product, as the beautiful and strong packaging that has the ability to keep the cereal fresh for long. icustomboxes.com can easily make all sorts of cereal boxes for each flavor of cereal.

    Cardboard Material Cereal Box Packaging

    The cornflakes are further divided into many types, there are simple corn flakes, honey pops, fruit loops,chocolate-flavored corn flakes,coffee-flavored corn flakes, banana-frosted corn flakes, low-fat corn flakes, high-fiber cornflakes, and many other flavors. All these flavors of cereal are produced by different companies and the packaging industry sometimes has to handle more than one client for the same type of product.

    Printed Cereal Packaging Supplies

    There is a variety of cereals available in the market that is specially made targeting young toddlers. Though mostly the corn flakes are used in the production of these cereals, they are made in different flavors and colors to catch the attention of the targeted users. Cereals for kids come in the shape of fruits, moon-shaped, star-shaped, and rings .icustomboxes.com much expertly manufactures and prints the cereals that are used by the kids. Most of the boxes that are used to pack cereals for kids are very bright in color. They have a glossy look with pictures of the most popular cartoon characters printed on them. The digital printing technique and use of the latest printing equipment make the printing of the cereal boxes much convenient for icustomboxes.com.

    High Fiber  Cereals For Health Conscious People

    The modern era market and superstore shelves now have a section where only products that are meant to be used by health-conscious people are displayed. If you visit such a section of the store you will find low-fat cereals, high fiber cereals, and much more. Icustomboxes.com knows the ways to manufacture and print these boxes in a way that is very effective in attracting more customers. For user’s attraction, the packaging does not only use suitable colors according to the cereal type but on the back cover, they print different recipes for that particular cereal.


    Available in all custom shapes and sizes

    Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

    Finishing / detailing :  Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

    Add ons :   Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling,    raised ink, embossing, deposing

    Packaging:  Assembled and shipped flat

    Structure:  Eco-friendly assembling.

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